Our Story

We get real results using our fun and sustainable approach. The first and most important point for any individual looking to start their personal transformation is to have a desire to change, and a burning drive to succeed. At Bates Body Factory we share our knowledge and experience to get you those results that will keep you motivated. We will provide you with the most efficient workouts and nutritional information that will prevent you from being another gym statistic, where progress is minimal and you lose your inspiration.

We get to know each of our clients, and the majority have become long-standing customers, which is mainly down to our support and our thirst to see you succeed. This, in addition to our professional work attitude and ethos, gives you the best chance on your journey to being the person you want to be in targeting your individual objectives.

You will find Personal Training sessions refreshingly different as we constantly vary them using the most effective types of training and using an ever increasing range of equipment that is proven to combat your problem areas.

Company Summary

Here at Bates Body Factory our team is passionate about each client that walks through our doors, and not just those walking through for the first time, but every time. Our aim is to provide a Personal Training and Nutritional experience that you will enjoy whilst giving you the right results, all combined with the highest level of support and guidance. At Bates Body Factory we believe that if you enjoy what you are doing then you are already succeeding, making it an effective way to reach your personal goals.

Jordan Heron

Premier Qualified Personal Trainer

Health and fitness has forever been my passion. I used to be a national level sprinter competing in both the 100m & 200m as well as playing football for Oxford United. Having this experience as an athlete means I can put myself in your shoes as I know how challenging it can be to discipline yourself both physically and mentally. With this knowledge and experience all I ask of you is to turn up to every session full of positivity and ready to give 100% and you can leave the rest to me.

Seeing your clients achieving results is extremely important as a trainer but what I believe to be just as important is having fun whist achieving them. I’m forever being complimented on my bubbly and energetic personality which is reflected in all of my sessions. One of my main aims is to ensure that your training never feels like a chore, I want you to arrive at your sessions knowing you are going to have fun, enjoy yourself as well as leave feeling like you’ve worked to your maximum.

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity and I have everything prepared for you, now all you have to do is grab this opportunity. Once you have taken the first step, together we will make sure you become the best possible version of yourself.

Let me make fitness fun again for you!

Jonathan Bates

Premier Qualified Personal Trainer and Managing Partner of Bates Body Factory.

I am the senior personal trainer and owner of BBF. Fitness is my life and has helped me to become the person I am today.

I believe training should be fun and I think there is some form of exercise out there for everyone to enjoy, it’s just finding it. My aim is to help everyone find this platform to make life that little bit easier through the benefits of exercise.

I am a great motivator and there won’t be a session go by that I will not get the best out of you! My passion for fitness and for you to succeed is always evident from the minute you walk through the door right up until the moment you leave. I will get you to wherever you want to be all I ask is that you meet me halfway!

Georgie Bates

Nutritional Specialist, Premier Qualified Personal Trainer and Managing Partner of Bates Body Factory.

I am the wife and partner in crime of Jonathan. My passion has always been food and my thought process used to be that exercise can be boring. Jonathan opened up my eyes to a world of enjoyment with exercise in it and now I dedicate all of my time to helping clients see the same.

My understanding of how hard it can be to live a healthy lifestyle is my strength. I can relate to all of my clients and then use various approaches to get the best out of them. Whether you want a drill sergeant or a soft approach I will automatically know and deliver so you get the results you desire.

I am always willing to go the extra mile for my clients. Any questions unanswered I will knock down every door to find the solution for you and I promise you will enjoy your training session.


Personal Trainer

Football has been the biggest part of my life for the last 15 years as I was a scholar at Northampton Football Club. It has taught me that structure and discipline is the recipe to success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I believe fitness should be a part of everyone's life and my aim is to help educate as many people possible in the truth of living a healthy life.

My sessions are always fun and refreshing resulting in you never getting bored allowing me to always get the best out of you. I'm good at transferring my energy to my clients and leaving them feeling revitalised and ready to tackle the tasks of everyday life. I will be by your side every step of your journey and together we will succeed.

Begin your journey today!

Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action!

Our Facility

Our facility is totally private and exclusive for your Personal Training experience. We have three studios that are set up so we cover any fitness goals you require. Our extensive range of equipment brings new life to your workouts so you are always guessing, keeping your mind and body on its toes.