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We offer unique classes designed and set up by Bates Body Factory to combine all of the popular workouts available in the fitness industry. Our classes provide something for everyone, no two classes will be the same and they are specifically designed to target every part of your body. Our classes are number limited to a maximum of 10 people per class or even lower in specialist classes. This way we believe our trainers can spend a fair amount of time with every individual making sure you get every bit of encouragement and help needed.

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Looking to double your calorie burn and tighten up around the waist line? This class is the answer to your prayers and will do just that for you! The class is broken down into two halves. The first being HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which consists primarily of body-weight exercises and combines low to moderate intervals alternated with high intensity intervals. This type of training will massively improve your recovery rate, build endurance, boost your metabolism and burn fat instead of muscle. The second half of the class all attention turns to the mid line and we will use a huge range of exercises to strengthen and tighten up your waist line. Your core is the foundation of your body and you know how the saying goes… “To be as fit as a fiddle, you must be strong in the middle!”


Try a Bates Body Factory Circuit Class for a fun filled hour. We design every circuit class to be unique, changing the work time, exercises, layout and targeting different areas of the body. Our circuit classes are always enjoyable, challenging and perfect for mixing up your training especially if you are experiencing a plateau. Circuit Training beats the boredom of an everyday treadmill routine and studies show it will help you burn 30% more calories. This training will sculpt every muscle and blast away fat. Bump your training up a gear and come along to our circuits training.


This class uses fun exercises to improve joint mobility and muscular endurance. Functional Training uses multiple muscles in common movements to help prepare you for the tasks of everyday life. Attend this class and it won’t be long until you are feeling the benefits to your muscular endurance, overall strength, co-ordination, balance and posture. Come along for an effective and fun full body workout!


Come to this class if you are looking to improve your strength. Strength and Conditioning uses exercises to target specific muscles to help improve overall muscle tone. We use weight, rest time and order of exercise to keep your body guessing to give your body a different challenge every week. Attending these classes for a while class will not only help you become stronger but it will also increase metabolism helping to burn those unwanted calories. Our trainers are always on hand to help correct form and keep you in line so if this is something you have never tried before then have no fear as Bates Body Factory are here.


This class is an hour long and makes use of our plated loaded equipment. We will teach you the fundamentals of weight training using a huge variety of training methods. This will all be under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers to make sure you are safe and happy.

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Our Prices

CARDIO HIIT & CORE - Class Cost £7.00

This is an hour long class and is definitely a tale of two halves. You will work up a sweat through a vast array of aerobic exercises then slow things down whilst working on developing those core muscles..

Class cost £7.00


Circuit Training - Class Cost £7.00

This class is an hour long and you will have every piece of equipment in our facility at your disposal, so expect something different every session.

Class cost £7.00


Functional Fitness - Class Cost £7.00

This class is and hour long and you will be using all of our functional equipment ranging from Kettlebells and Viprs to a Sqyre and TRX.

Class cost £7.00


Strength And Conditioning - Class Cost £7.00

This class is an hour long and is dominated by weight bearing exercises. The main equipment used in these sessions are barbells but like we always maintain every class is different and we may mix it up on the odd occasion to challenge your body.

Class cost £7.00


Plate Loaded Class - Class Cost £8.50

We make use of our plate-loaded equipment in this specialist class. If you enjoy weight training then this is the class for you. We will take you through various weight training sets and techniques to target your muscles in the most effective and efficient way. This class is all about targeting the individual muscle groups to achieve varied goals from bulking to lean muscle tone. Our experienced trainers will help you to not only understand but also see the benefits of lifting, from improved joint mobility, increasing bone density to transforming your physique. We have a six person’s maximum capacity to allow us to work closely with all attendees, making sure the workouts are safe.