Our Approach

At Bates Body Factory our aim is to help others reach their personal goals and target their food demons in the right way. Your goals can be anything that you personally want to change, from weight loss, improving your complexion, enhancing your mood, increasing motivation, eradicating digestive problems, allergies, special dietary requirements, or simply eating healthy and exciting food that works for you. Your body is unique and it is our job to help you understand what is going to work and what isn’t.


Lifestyle questionnaire

Our short questionnaire allows us to understand your current lifestyle and prepares us for your one to one consultation, making sure we get the most value out of the hour.

One to one consultation

We understand that everyone is different which is why we use our consultation to get to know you. We help highlight area’s that can be improved, which we call ‘focus points’ . We then use the information you provide to create a personalised meal plan.

Personalised plan based on your individual daily routine

Your meal plan can be as simple or as varied as you like. The aim is to provide you with meals that suit your daily schedule making it easy to follow and achievable.

Build new habits based on your recommended focus points

Focus points give you small area’s to work on over a period of time, it might be to start having breakfast in the morning, or increasing your water intake. Using follow up appointments we will work with you to evolve and change focus points until they become habit and installed into your daily routine. This makes the process much less overwhelming and breaks down each milestone.

24/7 guidance and support

Contact us at any time with your questions, we are here to help you along your journey

Feel the benefits of your healthier way of living

Be the best version of you, no more fad diets, get back a balanced way of living and forever feel the benefits.

Complete Lifestyle Questionaire

Download and complete our lifestyle questionnaire below. Once completed please email it to info@bates-body-factory.co.uk and our team will be in touch shortly to arrange a consultation.

Lifestyle Questionnaire

Nutrition Prices


Consultation and personalised 7 day meal plan   £85

Follow up appointments    £30

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